Reservations are preferred, but walk-ins are also welcome. Our hours of operation are from 10am to Sunset, 7 days a week (weather permitting). Remember, sunset times are constantly changing! We also offer a sunset flight. However, we can only offer this once per day since it is our last tour of the evening. There is no extra cost for the sunset flight, just choose a tour from the 14 mile, 'Miracle Strip' or longer and give us a call!

We are required to adhere to certain weight regulations. Robinson, our helicopter manufacturer, sets a weight limit of 300 lbs per seat. Additionally, the total group weight in the R44 must stay below 550 lbs. Each passenger will be weighed at our front desk, prior to their flight. The seating arrangement will then be determined by each individual's weight. The total group weight limit is subject to change based on the pilot and the flight conditions of the day. However, the 300 lb per seat limitation will never change.

Our Robinson R-44 helicopters can hold up to 3 passengers plus the pilot, as long as the 2-3 passengers have a group weight below 550 lbs. No individual passenger can exceed 300 lbs.

There is no age limit to fly with us! Children 2 years or older are required to have their own seat and seatbelt due to federal regulations. Children under 2 years old will be able to sit on the lap of an adult as long as their total weight does not exceed 300 lbs.

In order to make our tours more affordable, we must have at least 2 paying fares on each flight. There are 3 options you can choose from if you are unable to find someone to ride with you. Option 1: You can pay for 2 seats but since you are a single rider, we can offer you a $5 discount per seat. Option 2: We can add you to our single rider list where we will try to pair you up with another single rider who is interested in a similar tour. Option 3: You can wait here with us until we're able to add you to a flight of 2, providing no one exceeds 300 lbs individually and the group weight stays below 550 lbs.

There are a few weather conditions that would prevent us from flying. Rain, lightening, fog, and high wind conditions are the most common reasons we would choose not to operate. If you have any questions about the current weather, please don't hesitate to give us a call and we'll let you know if it is safe for flying.

Yes! In fact, we highly recommend that you do. Just don't forget to tag us on Facebook and Instagram!

We would be happy to take you up for a photo flight, just let us know where you would like to go or what you are looking to take photos of specifically. You can choose from any one of our 6 tours, or create a custom flight. Our custom flight rate is $700/hr in the R44. We will gladly help you find the perfect shot.

Of course we do! Gift certificates are available for purchase at our front desk. For non-locals, we can take payment over the phone and mail the gift certificate to you.

Absolutely. If there is something in particular you want to see, let us know. We can accommodate most requests.

Unfortunately, no. As a Part 91 tour operator, we must return to the point of departure and we are limited to a 25-mile radius.

With a valid Military ID, we can offer $5 off per person on our first 4 tours, and $10 off per person on our 3 most expensive tours. Use code- MIL5 or MIL10 when booking online to receive this discount (a valid Military ID will be required upon check-in)

Yes, we can accommodate most handicap individuals. Our flight crew will assist in helping the individual get situated in the aircraft as safely and easily as possible. However, we reserve the right to refuse any individual that we feel might threaten the safety of our pilot or the flight. We recommend giving us a call so that we can discuss the process in further detail to ensure a fun and safe experience for everyone.

We do not recommend it. We reserve the right to refuse any individual that we feel might threaten the safety of our pilot or the flight.
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