Gift Certificates for PCB & 30A

Fly over "the world's most beautiful beaches.


All passengers will be weighed onsite during your check-in process. Children under 24 months of age may ride in a parent's lap, free of charge.

Weight Restrictions

Maximum 300 lbs per seat

550 lbs total for up to 3 passengers


10am - Sunset | 7 days per week

Weather Permitting | Walk-Ins Welcome

All flights based on minimum of two paying passengers.

$50 Gift Certificate

Experience the thrill of Panhandle Helicopter tours soaring over Panama City Beach! Purchase a $50 gift certificate and elevate your next adventure with stunning aerial views of city landmarks, beach life, and more. Embark on an unforgettable journey at a discounted rate and make memories that reach new heights!

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$100 Gift Certificate

Discover the exhilaration of Panhandle Helicopter tours as you glide above the stunning vistas of Panama City Beach! Acquire a $100 gift voucher and enhance your upcoming escapade with breathtaking aerial panoramas of cityscapes, coastal scenes, and beyond. Set off on an unforgettable expedition at a reduced cost and forge memories that soar to unparalleled heights!

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